In business and in life, highly effective people are not hard to recognize. They are marked by the ability to seize their potential and to release potential in those around them. They inspire people to give their all, not because they have to, because they want to.

Conducted one-on-one, in a completely confidential environment, coaching helps people gain clarity,
remove self-imposed limitations and increase their
self-reliance so they can better leverage their talents and help others do the same.

Coaching helps individuals develop critical insights, bringing a new sense of purpose to their actions. It helps them see where they are, where they want to
go and how to get there. It stirs them to contribute more. It’s a partnership that results in positive, lasting change.

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coaching PROCESS

what might be?

Exploring my goals, aspirations and the possibilities for achieving them—while building the trust and chemistry needed for our coaching relationship to succeed.

In-depth discussion, probing and self-assessment of my strengths, growth opportunities and what I will do to make meaningful changes. Feeling the excitement of creating a workable plan.

making it happen

Celebrating success and overcoming the everyday obstacles that too often prevent us from carrying out our plans and achieving our goals. Feeling the satisfaction of getting results.

continuing success

The results and confidence I need to continue the journey. I have a trusted partner should I want coaching support in the future.


what I should expect of myself

  1. investing 1-3 months with my coach
    to develop my plan and get started
  2. investing 30 minutes connecting with my coach every 1 or 2 weeks
  3. immediate results—coaching is intended
    to keep me moving forward every week
  4. 6–24 months to fully capitalize on my goals
    (with or without a coach)
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    International Coach Federation

your privacy and confidentiality

Cam Graham abides by the ICF Code of Ethics


self-assessment tools

A wide variety of personal self-assessment tools
are available in printed and on-line format.

personality types

Do I know my personal style?
Do I know how to work effectively with other styles?

emotional intelligence

I am intellectually smart... How emotionally smart am I?